Better Late Than Never!

I wanted to cycle around the world about 21 years ago. Instead, I was unexpectedly offered a job and told myself that I’d do that job for a couple of years and then cycle around the world in greater comfort. Fast-forward 21 years in that job in Germany and then the United States, and here I am, almost┬áready to set off on the trans America leg. Whether I’ll ever cycle around the world is unknown, but who cares? It’s the journey that counts.

I’ve lived in America for 16 years. Much longer than I ever expected. But then I planned to live in Germany for only 2 or 3 years, and ended up spending much longer there too. It’s been a funny old time in the US – not really a natural fit for me. So besides fulfilling a dream, my trip across America is to experience the country, to see what folks on the west and east coasts rather disparagingly┬árefer to as the flyover states. I’ve always suspected that there would be something in the middle that I’d rather like – a bit like a custard cream biscuit.

Turning 53 last November, I realized I’d better put my skates on if I want to do this ride. I’m a little skeptical whether I can do it at all, to be honest. For one, I’m no spring chicken anymore, and then I got a diagnosis of leukemia last November. But I’m going to give it a shot – and I’m hoping you’ll support me with your comments and encouragement along the way …