A Pink Cadillac of a Bike

Well, a very black shade of pink!

A lot of equipment to get together for this ride. I used to have a lot of stuff from the extended cycle tours I’ve done in the past around Europe and north Africa, but I sold most of it shortly after I moved to the US. So the upcoming ride across the US gave me a great excuse to equip myself anew. First and foremost a new bike!

There are some incredible touring bikes out there. The bike needs to readily carry all my camping gear, clothes, tools, spares, and the scores of bits and pieces that make for a great trip. So a top-notch steel frame was a must. Can’t remember how many bikes I looked at, but I kept returning to the Thorn Raven with its Rohloff hub, which eliminates front and rear derailleurs and their finicky adjustment. I’d never tried a Rohloff hub before, so this was a bit of a gamble, but what a beauty it is, as is the complete bike. The most comfortable bike I’ve ever ridden. A Cadillac of a bike. Later this week, I’ll pack it up and ship it to Yorktown, Virginia, where the ride starts.

Keep your fingers crossed for me on Friday. That’s when I see the HemaOnc (hematologist/oncologist). He’ll check my blood to make sure the white blood cell count is within the bounds of acceptable wonkiness for me to set off.