Friday was my appointment with the HemaOnc (hematologist/oncologist). That day was big in my calendar, as I would then know whether my blood is within the acceptable bounds of wonkiness to cycle across America. The HemaOnc wanted to see me two weeks before I set off so that he could “adjust” me if needed. He didn’t elaborate on what he meant by “adjust”, but I assume it would involve some form of chemo to knock back the leukemia. Some folks in the leukemia family like to know everything, but so far I’ve been more comfortable knowing only what he tells me.

Beard groomed, hair trimmed, and looking good, I take myself off to the HemaOnc. I have a theory that I’m less likely to be “adjusted” if I look good. Nonsense I know, but I do it all the same. I check in for the bloodwork. The receptionist can’t find my appointment. No cause for alarm; I often experience this. America over, receptionists always look under Mc instead of Mac. But he genuinely can’t find my appointment. Hah, I have the printout. Nothing like being able to prove you’re right. A Scorpio thing, some would say. More likely a Man thing, I think.

Bloodwork done, I glance at the numbers. Half of the figures are in the Abnormal column. I shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s sobering to see. I don’t know how to interpret the numbers, and I tell myself not to worry; the HemaOnc will reassure me. But the receptionist announces that the HemaOnc is out of the office and won’t be back for another week – and by the way they’ll need to do the bloodwork again. Kindly intended, he tells me that they won’t charge me for today’s visit. “Thanks”, I say nicely.

Always look on the bright side! I packed up the bike today and shipped it out to Yorktown, Virginia, where the ride starts on the east coast. Whether I start on May 1 as planned is unknown. I’m set to see the HemaOnc on April 25. Fingers crossed!





Author: CL Mackay

Aspiring gentleman of leisure in San Francisco, who fancies himself to be a trust fund kid swapped out at birth. Not dented by the male menopause and a pesky diagnosis of leukemia, this former strawberry blond cycled across America, coast to coast, in 2016 and is presently cycling from Vancouver, Canada, to the Mexico border.

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